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Nunzio is my name, specialized in customized tours in order to give you all the flexibility that you need! Specially I love doing country side tours to show you all the most authentic, genuine and secrets spots from this area. This is why I only employ local drivers and guides who also speak a fluent english.
In fact I am from a small town located right next to Pompei; it’s called Gragnano and maybe this place does not sound familiar, but it should as it is the capital of the PASTA!

It was my destiny maybe, when I was already born, that I had to be involved in the tourism industry, as my father was born and raised inside the ruins of Pompei and his job of course was being a guardian of Pompei ruins. I might say that I and my cousins made part of the ruins as we used to play soccer in the ruins, going, in the weekend, to my grandparents house for the Sunday lunch.
My mom indeed, being a nurse, wanted me to become a doctor, in fact all the doctors at hospital where my mom worked, tried to convict me to sign at the medicine university...
But here I am, this is not just business for me, not just a job! This is passion, love, this is art, because this is how I feel: an artist, a tailor, customizing every single journey of my clients; the flexibility, and the personality, sometimes people say I’m very bossy and they love that because they understand I do that to make them happy! And that’s what I’m used to saying in my car: whatever you need don’t hesitate to ask me, because I’m here to make you happy!
Because these are the things which made my success!


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