How much does it cost to start an online casino

In the modern Internet very popular segment of the online casino. Almost every month you can observe the opening of a new virtual club, but the quality of the institution most often lags behind. As a rule, the new owners want to open a casino site with minimal costs. In this article we will describe how to open an online casino such as and how much money you need at the start.

The gambling business in Australia has also become a very popular niche and it’s not just about the interest of the players. Young and ambitious people want to open their own establishments with minimal costs, most of them are already familiar with the gambling sphere as they earn on affiliate programs.

How to open an online casino and how much money you need

The specifics of business and aggregators

Demand breeds supply, so companies began to appear on the market that allow novice owners to open a casino legally with ease. Of course, such firms have their own interests in obtaining commissions and many factors of difficulty of activity are hidden at the first stages of cooperation.

The most famous aggregators, with the help of which you can create a casino site: Softwiss, Softgaming, Slotegtator. With the help of aggregators, you can open a virtual club without much effort, but you need to consider a sufficient bankroll. The above-listed companies will certainly promise a large profit in the first stages of the establishment, in fact, this is not the case.

Often aggregators talk about a bankroll of $10,000. This amount may be enough if you use black methods of work with the deception of players and other things. Such activities will not bring profit in the long term, so there is no sense to open a casino site with such a small amount.

Affiliate programs and affiliates

One of the safest and most proven methods of attracting an audience to just open an online casino is to cooperate with affiliates. The essence is simple, affiliates place links to the casino on their resources, and receive a set percentage for each attracted user. Therefore, when you open a casino, you need to take into account bankroll and on affiliates to develop your brainchild. You should also take into account the costs of payment systems. Payments to players, affiliates, each connected payment system charges a fee for providing services.

How much money do I need for the stable operation of the casino?

When you open can not count on a guaranteed profit, as experience shows, in the first half of the year always expect a big minus of about $100.000. Expenses for welcome bonuses, aggregator commission for connecting providers and providing a platform for online casinos.

Salary of technical support, affiliate manager and other small expenses. To create a casino site you need the approximate amount of $400,000, even better, if it will be more. A spare bankroll is always necessary.

High rollers and average players can bring in large sums in a short time, and in order not to spoil the reputation of the institution, winnings need to be paid in time.

What will change for the Australian, who have already played in Australian and international online casinos?

Not in all countries online casinos are legal. In Australia, for example, since the year, casinos are only allowed in special gambling zones, while online casinos are prohibited.

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